Romance on Mai Khao Beach Thailand

About a year ago, I was excited to settle down into our new life living in Bangkok. We had our little apartment, a group of friends, and a city full to explore. After almost 18 months, though, I needed a break from the big city. Big time. I needed rest, relaxation, quiet, and a little romance on Mai Khao Beach. Where is Mai Khao Beach I love Bangkok. I really do. I like that I can travel to anywhere in the world from Bangkok airport. I love that in one day I can eat cheap Pad Thai on the street, and great Mexican that night. I love that we can shop at enormous shopping malls, and Eric can get his hair cut for about $5. But, towards the end of our stay in Bangkok, I craved quiet. I realized, suddenly, how loud the city is. The traffic, the tuk tuks. The traffic. I felt like I could not even hear myself think. So, we hopped a Nok Air flight to Phuket, and within 10 minutes from the airport, we were on the beach. Mai Khao Beach is located on the north west side of Phuket. It’s miles long, wide and clean. And, is home to a turtle hatchery. In the mornings, it’s possible to walk for almost an hour in either direction, while listening to, well, not much. Unlike other areas of Phuket, Mai Khao Beach is quiet. And, yes, romantic. Most important, I could hear myself think. Mai Khao Beach Romance We were greeted at the Renaissance Phuket by a pleasant surprise: An upgrade to a private pool...
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